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Doggie Day Care Downtown Jersey City

Doggie Day-Care

By paulthedogwalker | May 8, 2014 | 0 Comment

After a long day at work, its hard to muster up the energy to give your dog the exercise and socialization they need! At Paul’s your dog will receive  up to 2 hours weather permitting  in his safe and secure 3500sf  customized dog run in Jersey city providing a powerful opportunity for your dog to become part of a fun and balanced pack! You can expect to come home to a happy and well exercised companion at the end of the day. In cold or hot weather Paul brings the dogs inside so they can still enjoy there friends but not feel the effects of the elements. Play Time may vary depending on any given day or situation and energy level of the pack.  Also great care if given in the summer month to insure your dog stays cool and still has there needed fun. Paul has hung shad canopy’s so your pup is protected from the suns rays as well as baby pool so they can take a dip at there lesser. Paul has given lots of thought and effort  in to the care and well being of his pack just as an good leader should and with decades of experience Paul is a leader in the industry.