Leader of the Pack

Paul is a entrepreneur whose greatest passion is dogs. In fact, he spends more time with “his pack” than us humans! Originally from Boston, Paul moved to Jersey City many years ago to be near the city and hope to one day start this company.

Paul has spent a great deal of energy studying and working with all breeds of dogs over the years.  Paul has also rescued and rehabilitated ever dog he’s ever owned. Much more than your average walker, Paul has a gift for communicating with dogs and responding to their needs to nurture their well-being.

Paul is a gentle but strong and confident handler of dogs, and his pack responds enthusiastically to his methods. His methods have been developed over a period of years, borne from the philosophy of communicating with a dog on a dog’s terms, bridging the gap between what we as humans want and expect from our furry friend with what every dog needs in order to feel balanced and to live “issue-free.”

Paul’s papers are in order. He is insured and is a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.


Consultations are scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday at your home. Paul likes to bring One of his pack members along to help in the evaluation of your pup. This is an important first step to insure his service is right for your dog!


All dogs must be friendly and non-aggressive.  Paul would also

appreciate if all dogs walked well well on a leash.

Cancellations and Additional Days:

If you need to cancel service or add an additional day we ask that you please give 24 hours’ notice. Clients that cancel without 24 hours’ notice incur the daily fee.

Paul’s Holiday’s/Time-Off:

Customers do not pay for holidays. Paul observes holidays as per the “corporate” schedule in accordance with that of most of his pack, including: New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving day, Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas day. Paul schedules vacation the week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, so service will not be available this week. As well as one week over the summer to be determined during the year.

Vaccinations Required:

Paul cares about the health of his dogs. Proof of vaccinations from a licensed vet for Distemper, Rabies, Parvo, Bordatella as well as a clear fecal exam and heartworm test are required prior to the first day of service.  Additionally, all pack members are required to be on monthly Heartgard and frontline or equivalent medication.

Day Care Dogs Must be Spayed/Neutered:

Puppies are excluded from this policy until old enough to be spayed or neutered.


EMAIL: paulthedogwalker@gmail.com


Paul's unique service provides safe, monitored opportunities for your dog to fulfill his/her innate desire to socialize within a balanced pack environment

Doggie Day-Care

After a long day at work, its hard to muster up the energy to give your dog the exercise and socialization they need! At Paul’s your dog will receive  up to 2 hours weather permitting  in his safe and secure 3500sf  customized dog run in Jersey city providing a powerful opportunity for your dog to become part of a fun and balanced pack! You can expect to come home to a happy and well exercised companion at the end of the day. In cold or hot weather Paul brings the dogs inside so they can still enjoy there friends but not feel the effects of the elements. Play Time may vary depending on any given day or situation and energy level of the pack.  (more…)


Your furry friend will be well-cared for when you’re away, and enjoy a vacation of his or her own with plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and comfortable place to rest his head at night in a cage free environment. You provide the food, and all the other comforts  are provided by Paul. Pick-up and drop-off included. Also if your dog is with Paul over the weekend he takes the dogs to the beach to run, play and have the time of there life’s. Truth is Paul enjoys this activity more then the dogs do.


Competitive Pricing for a Superior Service

$60 Boarding
  • $60/night
  • 10% off for 5 or more nights
  • For weekly clients only. Sorry I do not board dogs that are not part of daycare.


What Clients Have to Say

"Paul offers a unique service at a great price. On top of having a high energy dog who needs time with the pack, Paul goes the extra mile to extend training tips and  pointers when he notices our puppy taking on bad tendencies. We are very happy we found Paul." - Dylan's Mom



Serving Paulus Hook, Van Vorst and Hamilton park